Introducing the T34C

Turbine performance with classic warbird lines…

Born from budget cuts and aging fleets, the T34C is one of those iconic aircraft that you dream about but once you fly one, your dreams become an obsession. 

The T34C was brought into a world when the old training fleet from the 1950’s was on it’s last leg and the Navy needed a robust, low cost, highly reliable training aircraft. What the Navy got was a lot of bang for their 1970’s buck and, by default, so did many foreign militaries with the weaponized version, the T-34C-1. Little did anyone know that decades later, this machine would still be chugging away all over the globe.


T-34C Specs

A Davis Aviation Project

About the project.

Every plane has a story.

After retiring from service protecting the president of Gabon, our T34C serial number GM87, return to the US to begin its return to service. Weaver Aircraft has been working diligently to restore her to “better than new” standards from the wheels up. Completely rewiring the entire aircraft and CAD plating every nut and bolt, this aircraft with a low total time of 1200 hours will be getting an Aspen glass panel along with Garmin radios/transponders. 

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Introducing the T-34C Spec Shirt

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